Dr. Chauviere is Assistant Professor in Applied Mathematics at TIMC-IMAG. His expertise lies in the formulation and development of mathematical and physical models of cell migration and their application in the context of tumor growth. Dr. Chauviere is an expert physicist with applications to theoretical and computational fluid dynamics. He has held several postdoctoral positions within a Marie Curie European Network on tumor growth and therapy modeling and has edited a special issue on cell migration and a book on multiscale modeling of cell mechanics.

Contact Information:

University Joseph Fourier
Grenoble, France

 +33 (0)4 56 52 00 13

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Latest Book Published

Dr. Chauviere's book "Cell Mechanics: From Single Scale-Based Models to Multiscale Modeling" is available.

Latest Manuscript Accepted

Dr. Chauviere's latest manuscript "A hybrid model to test the importance of mechanical cues driving cell migration in angiogenesis." has been accepted for publication by MMNP, topical issue on Hybrid models.

Other News

I will be attending the International Workshop on Intracranial Tumors Modeling in Talence (France) in September 21-22.

Workshop information can be found here.